Barracuda Firewall

Course Description

Learn how to improve performance, availability, security of distributed networks and to fully protect your critical applications with Horizon Computer.

Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls VX are far more capable than Traditional FirewallsIn Cloud-Integrated Infrastructures and workloads. Horizon Computers is No.1Training Center for Networking and Security and Among very Few to Offer Barracuda Firewall Training.

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Training is Conducted at Horizon Computer Vashi, Vile Parle and Pune Centers

"Difficulty Level - Intermediate to Advance"

Course Pre-requisite:

  • OSI and TCP/IP Reference model
  • Data Encapsulation, Packet Format
  • IPv4/IPv6 Addressing Basics
  • L3 routing, Static, Dynamic
  • L2 Switching, Vlans, Trunk, SVI
  • Use of Packet Capture tools
  • Access Control List
  • NAT Basic
  • Fortigate I

Training Program

  • Introducing the NextGen Firewall
  • On-Premises Deployment
  • Basic Configuration Tasks
  • Firewall Policies
  • Introduction to NextGen Firewall F Features
  • NextGen Control Center
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Introduction to Traffic Intelligence
  • Introduction to Remote Access
  • Logging, Reporting, Statistics
  • System Maintenance
  • High Availability
  • IPv6 Configuration

Lab Brief:

Overall 25 Labs Will Conducted to Cover Different aspect of Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Firewall fundamentals by Chandan Sir

History and Types of Firewalls | 1st Generation Firewalls

ACL Limitations and Issues | Stateless Packet Inspection Firewall (ACL)

Stateful Packet Inspection Firewalls | Packet Filter Firewalls Introduction