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Cisco Introduce New CCNA Certification - Complete Revamp of CCNA

The biggest News is the oldest Cisco Certification Track Routing & Switching is gone I have been telling Students for Quite past many years that Routing & Switching Track is fast losing value and so does the most popular Cisco Certification which was introduced in 1998 by Cisco the CCNA Routing & Switching Certification.

  • What's Wrong with Routing & Switching Track?
  • Let me start with a Question. How many Technologies which were developed in 1980-1990 are we still using?

    In the field of Technology change is permanent. Routing & Switching Track was based on oldest Connectivity Technologies, Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) while a Good degree of Ethernet LAN still exist but it's the WAN technology which was constantly going downhill for past 10 years.

    Growing Popularity of VPN has caused study decline in WAN Technology and it started crashing by almost 30% for past 5 years. Data has overtaken Telecom sector in past decade and we all must understand that all Routing and Switching technology have their base in Telecom Increasing reliability and high bandwidth Internet connection available at very less price as compared to WAN has led to large scale migration from WAN towards VPN and all of sudden Routers started disappearing from Client site getting replaced by Firewall and VPN.

  • Software Define WAN (SD-WAN)

    is like final Nail in the Coffin for WAN market. BGP developed in 1985 could never give us Load Balancing over Multiple ISP but SD-WAN has solved the oldest Problem which we face while Designing Customer Sites.

    IT will also make using WAN links less attractive now than ever. SD-WAN can give you more bang on your bucks and suck the entire juice on those ISP link where we can now look to rock and roll application based Forwarding and load balancing based on real time Latency , load and other parameters. Experience Network Engineers will tell you nightmares we use to have to roll out such solution based on L3 headers and Clumsy QOS solutions

  • Firewall is the New Router:
  • My first Experience of Implementing SD-WAN solution happened on Barracuda Cloudgen Firewall. Barracuda calls it TINA VPN a preparatory solution and was blown away as how easily it solved the year old problem of handing multiple WAN and ISP edge solutions and trying to get best out of them and My next encounter of configuring SD-WAN came on

    Fort iGATE Next Generation firewall .
    While Cisco Might Try hard to save Routers but the writing is on the Wall Firewalls with VPN and SD-WAN capabilities will be the Perimeter Device and they are the new age Routers and Routers are all set to disappear from Customers sites.

    What's New in CCNA 200-301 Certification: While a detailed list of topic can be found at the end lets first try to understand the significance of the NEW CCNA Certification.

    Single CCNA certification as pre requisite for all the Six Certification Tracks

    Now this is where the this CCNA certification is like nothing you have heard or done before replacing Eight Different CCNA certification and merging all the relevant fundamentals in a single Foundation level Exam is such a huge challenge and so is the New CCNA certification.

    Let's Focus on the Major Technology Sections which are totally new

  • 1. Wireless LAN
  • No LAN Professional can be complete in this day and age without having Deep understanding of Deploying and Configuring Wireless LAN technology. I expect Access Layer to be 90 % WLAN in coming years and that makes learning WLAN an absolute must.

    New CCNA Certification Covers WLAN Concepts as well Configuration

  • 2. Network & Wireless Security:
  • Security is inseparable and give its Due in the New Curriculum. All the required building blocks toward Network Security are covered including Fundamentals of Security appliances, VPN, AAA and Deploying WLAN security using WPA standards

  • 3. Network Automation and Programmability:
  • Cloud Computing and and Automation has finally found its way into the new Cisco Certification and this is path breaking change as so far the very thought of Programming was alien to a networking professional but not any longer

    Understanding Separation of Control and Data plane. Controller based and software defined architecture means you are finally into SDN

What does these Changes Means for a Candidate?

  • First of all we all must understand that the Networking as we use to know is dead and its completely changed. Routing and Switching alone was never going to be good enough and finally the admission has come from Cisco Itself.
  • Learning and Embracing Newer challenges and technologies must be the attitude of all IT Professional as change is inevitable in this dynamic Domain.
  • Cisco Introduced CCIE Routing & Switching Exam in 1993 and CCNA Routing & Switching in 1998. from Feb 2020 Onwards we all will miss the oldest Track an era has ended and a New one has begun.
  • Embrace the change let's begin

Chandan Sharma CCIE#19701 (R&S, Security, SP)

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