Python Course

Course Description:

Python is powerful programming language with rich set of libraries and simple sytax. Python also allows building scripts to automate network process and it’s widely used for Software Defined Network (SDN).It hence vital for both aspiring developers as well as network engineers.

Big Question

I am a network engineer, why should I learn python …??

  • It automates manual tasks
  • Bigger the network grows, Network automation becomes a necessity
  • Python can be used to interact with SDN controllers

At Horizon we conjecture in disseminating eminence training which include live network automation projects which invigorates an individual’s capacity to project himself/herself in a more productive way.

Course Duration: 30Hrs

Course Audience: System engineer, Software Developer, Network Automation Engineer, Network Engineer

Python Syllabus

1. Programming Basics

2. Lab Setup

3. Programming Basics

  •     a. What Is A Programming..
  • 4. Python Basics Intro

  •     a. Why Python
  •     b. Python Editors
  •     c. Interpreter VS Compiler
  •     d. Python Variables
  • 5. Python Operators

  •     a. Python Arithmetic Operators
  •     b. Python Comparison Operators
  •     c. Assignment Operators
  •     d. Operator Precendence
  •     e. Python Help
  • 6. Python Loops

  •     a. Python Loops
  •     b. Nested While In Python
  •     c. For Loop In Python
  •     d. For Loop VS While Loop In Python
  •     e. Control Statement Break Statement
  •     f. Control Statement Pass Statement
  •     g. Python Loops With Lists
  • 7. Python Condictions

  •     a. Conditions In Python
  •     b. If With Boolean Operators
  •     c. If .. else In Python
  •     d. Elif In Python
  •     e. Nested If In Python
  •     f. Single If In Python
  • 8. Python Functions

  •     a. Functions In Python
  •     b. Python Function Arguments
  •     c. Anonymous Functions In Python
  •     d. Return Statement In Python
  • 9. Python Strings

  •     a. Python Strings
  •     b. String Formatting & Raw String In Python
  •     c. Python String Methods
  • 10. Python Lists

  •     a. Python Lists
  •     b. Python Built-In List Methods
  • 11. Python Tuples

  •     a. Python Tuples
  •     b. Python Tuple Built In Methods
  • 12. Python Dictionary

  •     a. Python Dictionary
  •     b. Python Dictionary Built In Methods
  • 13. Python Built In Modules

  •     a. What Is A Module In Python
  •     b. OS Modules & IO In Python
  •     c. Treating With Text Files Intro
  •     d. Reading Text Files In Python
  •     e. Writing Into Text Files
  •     f. Renaming & Deleting Files
  •     g. Directories In Python
  •     h. Date & Time In Python
  •     i. Sleep Method In Python
  •     j. Calendar Module In Python
  • 14. Python Object Oriented Programming

  •     a. Python Object Oriented Programming Intro
  •     b. Every Thing Is Object In Python
  •     c. Classes In Python
  •     d. Methods & Attributes In Python
  •     e. Self In Python
  •     f. Constructor In Python
  •     g. Class Attribute vs Instance Attribute
  •     h. OOP Example 1
  •     i. OOP Example 2
  •     j. python Inheritance
  •     k. Polymorphism In Python
  •     l. Constructor Inheritance (Super) In Python
  •     m. Multiple Inheritance In Python
  • 15. Python Projects

    16. Python networking with SSH

    17. Python networking with Telnet

    18. Python scripts