Course Description

This intermediate-level Alteon training is for technical staff involved in the installation and maintenance of a RadwareAlteon ADC switch, Series 4 to Series 8. The course introduces Radware’s ADC-VX environment and vADC configuration. Advanced server load balancing is discussed, extending information from the foundational course. In addition, content load balancing and full persistency beyond insert cookie is discussed. The course continues with AppShape++ scripts and device monitoring and reporting using automation. Elementary troubleshooting concepts are taught. For a deep-dive of troubleshooting issues, consider completing Radware’s more advanced courses.

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The training is conducted in Horizon Computers at all are three centers Vashi,Vile Parle and Pune.


The primary audience for this technical course is system administrators, network administrators, and others responsible for the configuration and administration of the Alteon in a network environment.

"Difficulty Level - Intermediate to Advance"


Participants attending this training must have completed the following:

•RadwareAlteon Professional Certification


Radware [Alteon] is available in Horizon Computers Vashi, Vile Parle, Pune
Module Topic
1 ADC-VX Introduction
2 ADC-VX Global Administration
3 ADC-VX Backup, Restore, & HA
4 ADC-VX Monitoring
5 Advanced Server Load Balancing
6 Content Load Balancing
7 Full Persistency
    8 Into to AppShape++ Scripts
    9 Intro to Vision & Operator ToolBox
    10 Monitoring & Reporting
    11 Troubleshooting – Fundamentals
    12 Troubleshooting - Tools

    Labs to complete:

    1 Introduction to Radware Lab -:
    Access Alteon
    2 ADC-VX Configuration
    3 Server Load Balancing (full lab)
    4 Content LB
    5 Persistent LB
    6 AppShape ++ Scripts
    7 Vision & Operator Toolbox
    8 Monitoring & Reporting
    9 Troubleshooting

    "Hands-on Practical Exam Offered "